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How to build secure Smart Contracts with Rust on NEAR Protocol
Blockchain developers dream of creating smart contracts that do not fail. This requires secure and reliable programming. In this article, Blaize's experts share their secrets and tips to create secure smart contracts on NEAR Protocol with Rust.
February 2023 Cryptocurrency Report: Stagnant Smart Contract Growth, Increased Hacks and Fraud
This article provides insights into the world of cryptocurrencies in February 2023. Despite a stagnant growth of new smart contracts, there was an increase in fraud and hacking incidents. The article discusses the statistics of verified smart contracts and audits performed on different blockchains. It also highlights two major hacking incidents on the Algorand ecosystem and the Platypus DeFi protocol on Avalanche.
How to spot hidden mint functions
In this article we will talk about a sneaky trick that the scammers use in order to fool the investors as well as the auditors in order to perform the classic “Rug Pull” scam by creating new tokens and harming the tokenomics, and how to read SolidProof’s report to make sure if there is a potential of this scam in a project.
Why we need better launch models in crypto world?
In the world of cryptocurrency, launches play a crucial role in the success or failure of a new project. A well-planned and executed launch can help a project gain traction, attract investors, and establish itself in the market.
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Why do you need several audits?
Auditing a project is a very important step in the process of developing a project. A security audit provides an independent review of the project’s code and lists existing issues along with potential vulnerabilities that can cause the dApp to malfunction.
Importance of the security audit for DeFi projects
The most important topic in blockchain has always been security. The disadvantages of the traditional financial system and the risks associated with intermediaries in the financial environment have led to the popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi).
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Audit Builder
In this sense, a report has to reflect best all the issues uncovered during the audit. DeFi Security Alliance has come up with a tool that helps simplify the compilation of this final audit report.
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Smart Contract Audits Pricing Explained
While approaching an auditor, the first thing a client wants to know is always the price. Some would be more secretive, while others would list offers right there on the main page. However, it still helps to know what the difference is and how the price is formed.
A Look inside a Smart Contract Audit
Auditing smart contracts is a vital part of building up security in DeFi. For all we know now about why we need to do it, we know very little about the process itself and what is it that auditors actually do. To figure this out, we went to the source and interviewed the CTO of a DSA member HashEx – Gleb Zykov.
Security State Of DeFi And Risk Mitigation Ideas
“DeFi,” sounds like no alien term now. We are in a time where decentralized finance has engraved its significance as a blockchain-based alternative for financial systems and scaling its adoption rate at an incredible pace.
Must-Check: The Complete Smart Contract Audit Checklist!
Blockchain is supposed to be secure for all participants. However, it is not possible if the company does not strictly follow the smart contract audit checklist for blockchain readiness. Reports revealed that 5% of blockchain smart contracts were vulnerable to users’ data leakage, information loss, and funding lock.
Contract Checker
Understanding Crypto: Why Do Investors Need Expert Opinion
Whether you're a shrimp or a whale, if you're swimming in this ocean, you have to learn how to keep yourself safe. Contract Checker offers you the most secure environment. The cryptocurrency world is fast-paced and full of new notions. The industry abounds with innovative solutions aimed at decentralizing control and ownership of digital assets, ranging from initial coin offerings (ICOs) to decentralized exchanges.
HashEx Academy

HashEx Solidity Certification

One of the DSA members, HashEx offers a certification program that allows grading and confirming the skills of an auditor. HashEx Solidity Certificate is a document that auditors can obtain to confirm their level of Solidity fluency. HashEx has developed a test that best reflects the issues that auditors encounter on a daily basis.

The Complete Guide to Smart Contract Auditing - Benefits and Risks
Decentralized finance (DeFi) offers lucrative opportunities somewhat unavailable in the traditional centralized system. In this blockchain-based environment, almost anyone can use smart contracts to launch financial applications without a central authority's approval.

DeFi Security: Situation and Solution — Examples of DeFi Attacks Included

When you land on this page, you might have already heard of or even been using Decentralized finance (DeFi) to keep your money. However, you may be concerned to know that this technology is also appealing to cyber criminals attempting to steal your assets. It was reported that 97% of cryptocurrency stolen in 2022's first quarter was from DeFi protocols.
Top Solana Vulnerabilities
Solana is a widely popular blockchain and attractively low transaction fees are certainly among the reasons developers choose it. Among Solana-based dApps are some of the most popular and valued projects. This is why knowing Solana and its weaker points is now more necessary than ever.
5 Most Common Vulnerabilities You Need to Know in 2022
The blockchain industry is making big steps toward achieving security for all participants, however, it’s still not a done deal just yet. Hackers come up with new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and steal funds. Sadly, this lowers the trust in blockchain technology.
A Developer’s Guide: A Framework setup
Developers often ask how to correctly, efficiently, and securely set up a framework for developing smart contracts. This guide aims to help new developers do it quickly and conveniently.