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HashEx Solidity Certification

One of the DSA members, HashEx offers a certification program that allows grading and confirming the skills of an auditor.
What is HashEx Certificate?
HashEx Solidity Certificate is a document that auditors can obtain to confirm their level of Solidity fluency. HashEx has developed a test that best reflects the issues that auditors encounter on a daily basis. This certificate allows its owners to have an actual document to support their resume during interviews.
The certificate can’t be obtained by just any auditor, and it can not be forged. The company keeps a database of certified specialists and welcomes potential employers to contact them for confirmation.
In the fast-paced, constantly growing DeFi market, the HashEx certificate helps discover the most skilled and knowledgeable auditors.

Why do you need a Certificate?
Many auditors choose to study Solidity and other smart contract languages independently. This happens often because Solidity at its core is very similar to JavaScript. The structures of both languages are very much alike, at the same time, there are enough differences to complicate things.
Future auditors and smart contract developers can easily master Solidity but they still need a way to adjust to the decentralized market and confirm that the knowledge they obtained is viable and applicable to work on an actual DeFi project.
A certificate serves as a diploma, it reflects the knowledge just as well as past projects or references. New auditors or developers can use it to land their first job in blockchain, while experienced ones can add one more notch to their belt.

Either way, a certificate helps separate professionals from amateurs, and we urge auditors to go through the process and obtain a HashEx Solidity Certificate.

How does it work?
Receiving the certificate is easy if you have the knowledge to back it up. HashEx Academy, formed by the HashEx auditing company, is offering a special test.
This 100-question test was developed by expert auditors from HashEx. They used their own knowledge and experience to combine together a list of questions that sum up the daily issues in the work of a Solidity auditor or developer.

The fact that the company has been in the market for a long time, helps assure that the questions would easily help separate true Solidity masters from those who have the need for additional learning.
The test can be found on the HashEx Academy page and everyone is eligible to participate.
Here you can find out all the details and quirks of obtaining the HashEx Solidity Certificate.

Wrapping Up

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