Analysis of Audit Companies
Analysis of Audit Companies
DSA presents a unique series of reports on the smart contract and blockchain app auditor market. This report is published for the first time and is not affiliated with any specific vendor. The DSA expert team has performed an in-depth analysis of the blockchain security providers in the market. For that, a methodology was developed, and specific criteria were selected. The data provided in the report are actual for November 2022.
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A selection of reports on the analysis of audit companies
Certik is arguably the most well-known auditor on the market. The company has audited over 3000 projects in only 5 years of service. The company’s name is strongly associated with Ivy League schools which adds to its reputation.
Hacken Defi Security company was founded in 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine by security specialists and hackers to deliver cybersecurity solutions to companies and individuals, making histories of success.
HashEx is a well-known auditing company that’s been active since its founding in 2017. In the following years, the company developed multiple technical tools and solutions for DeFi security while delivering a consistent stream of audit reports and engaging in many educational efforts in order to achieve security for the decentralized space.
Zokio is an auditing company that’s been active in digital security for 5 years. While the company doesn’t offer a wide variety of services, it’s making a name for itself through its media presence and partnerships with well-known projects.
QuillAudits: A Trusted Security Company for Smart Contract Audits. With over 700 projects successfully audited since 2018, QuillAudits offers comprehensive services and tools.
With a solid track record since 2017, ChainSecurity has been auditing smart contracts for blue-chip DeFi protocols, central banks, and Web3 projects.
Cyberscope is a relatively young auditor with a rich portfolio of over 1200 projects. The company published its first report in 2021 and since then, has been a prominent name in DeFi security.
Solidity Finance was founded in 2020 and has quickly grown into one of the most experienced and well-equipped smart contract audit teams in the industry.
DeFiMoon is an auditing company with a small list of audited projects. Despite being new in the market, it’s making a name for itself through media, its tools and developments, and its work.
0xGuard is a relatively new company with a large portfolio. While the team and its founders remain anonymous, the company is becoming well-known and recognized in the media along with the projects it audits.
TechRate is an audit company founded in 2020. The company has audited over 1800 projects, most of which are tokens.
ContractWolf is an audit company with a selection of other convenient services. The company was founded in 2022 but has already managed to audit over 450 projects.
SolidProof provides a range of services to guide and support cryptocurrency projects, from Smart Contract Audits to KYC and tailored marketing solutions for diverse crypto markets.
Coinsult is a new but experienced auditor. The company has performed over 400 audits in about a year. Coinsult specializes in token analysis and offers additional services as well as promotion to its clients.
ContractChecker provide blockchain services from Smart Contract Development, Audit and KYC to creating Launchpads, NFT Marketplaces and any kind of unique DApps. ContractChecker app also provides utilities such as Multi Sender, Locker and Private Sale for everyone.
A company that conducts smart contract security audits and provides token listing and other related services.
BlockSAFU is a new security company that provides smart contracts audits, KYC, and additional services. Despite its novelty, the company has a large resume of audited projects.