Importance of 360° audits
What PaladinAI is offering

Finding the right project to invest in gets tougher by the day and a complete auditing tool definitely helps you make better informed investment decisions
PaladinAI as a concept goes beyond just security audit, with features spanning across on-chain data(Charts & Holder’s analysis) as well as off-chain data(Social sentiment analysis) making it the most complete audit solution in the ecosystem
PaladinAI as a Trailblazer
PaladinAI is ahead of the curve in so many ways with the integration of a complete audit solution. This means in addition to performing security audit by fine-combining through smart contracts, it takes a notch higher than every other audit solution by integrating other feature like Social sentiment analysis, Charting Analysis and Holders Dynamics Analysis which all together provides an investor with a more detailed outlook on potential investments

On-Chain Data Analysis

PaladinAI complete audit solution takes into account blockchain data like token charts & holders dynamics. The charting analysis provides insight on metrics like trading volume, support & resistance levels while also provided added insights on holders dynamics like top holders associated with bots & snipers, behaviour and pattern of buys made by token holders
Off-Chain Data Analysis
PaladinAI audit is not limited to data on-chain only which further cements the fact that PaladinAI is truly the ultimate complete audit solution. PaladinAI takes into account off-chain data like social activities of the token being audited, analysis of the token community and the general mood within the community. All that is needed to make better informed investment decisions.
As the ecosystem continues to grow, finding the right investment opportunities will get a lot harder which makes the PaladinAI complete audit solution the ultimate tool any investor would need to navigate and filter through the noise inorder to make better informed investment decisions through the analysis of on-chain and off-chain data.
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