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Must-Check: The Complete Smart Contract Audit Checklist!

Blockchain is supposed to be secure for all participants. However, it is not possible if the company does not strictly follow the smart contract audit checklist for blockchain readiness.
Reports revealed that 5% of blockchain smart contracts were vulnerable to users’ data leakage, information loss, and funding lock. Even the biggest platform, Ethereum, admitted that over 32,000 smart agreements valued at $4.4 million were at a security risk.
Thus, never let your guard down!
We publish this very useful article to gather all smart contract auditing practices for your reference.

The Importance of Auditing Smart Contracts
What is a smart contract audit?
Smart contracts are conditions programmed and encrypted in a blockchain to execute and run transactions automatically. They will refuse transactions upon any breaches of the conditions.
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Yet, smart contracts are immutable once deployed to a blockchain network. They can run improperly and be exposed to attacks, though, if the developers make mistakes in coding or fail to cover security improvements.
Auditing is critical, then. During the process, experienced auditors use a methodical inspection to uncover vulnerabilities and suggest solutions to improve the operation and security of the blockchain, following a checklist.
The Smart Contract Audit Checklist
A step-by-step smart contract audit checklist
How to Apply Smart Contract Audit Checklist?
What does your business do next?
Having a smart contract audit checklist is critical and good to start. However, following the checklist is not an easy task.
We wonder whether you have an in-house development team. If not, your business needs to invest significantly in a team of experienced developers, testers, and auditors collaborating well. It also takes extra cost and time to train the team on the technology, implement frequent auditing, fix bugs, and make improvements.
Rather than that, we would suggest hiring an outsourced auditing firm that knows the smart contract audit checklist clearly and has experience in different projects.
You can directly hire experts from CyStack. The company is the leading company for security products and solutions to combat cybersecurity risks. Since it is based in Vietnam, you can expect an affordable cost than teams in other countries. The auditing quality is exceptionally good, though.
Wrapping Up

Never put your DeFi security down!
Besides the golden rules above, you should remember that there is hardly a comprehensive list to cover all potential vulnerabilities. The more blockchain and DeFi grow, the more sophisticated attempts hackers create to exploit the systems and steal your money.
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