Special award to recognize the most exceptional achievements in DeFi Security

DeFi Security Alliance Cyber Security Awards

Winners 2022
DSA Community organizes a special annual award to recognize the most exceptional achievements in DeFi Security
Get the Recognition you Deserve + over $5000 in prizes
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DSA Certificate
Winners of the Award receive a special certificate that proves their experience and skill.
Cyber Security Awards Mark
All Award recipients will get a special mark, stating their exceptional quality.
DSA Listing
The winners will be listed on DSA for free. Special prize includes news and articles publishing, a badge, and top spots in search results.
DSA Audit Builder
The best of the best will get access to DSA Audit Builder for free. Audit Builder simplifies the work of an auditor, by helping to manage the audit process. Check it out here.
The jury will select different winners in each category

Outstanding Achievements

in DeFi Security

  • We review the tools used by the nominees, as well as the efforts put into DeFi security maintenance and awareness. This award will be given to the most influential, educating brand.
  • The more your company does to support safe and secure decentralized space - the higher your chances.
  • We review the company audit reports, their communication with the client, support, and recommendations provided by the auditors to determine the company deserving of cyber security excellence awards.
  • Companies with the best quality of services and reputation will be considered for this award.
  • By applying to either one of the aforementioned categories, crypto security companies are automatically nominated for the Community Choice Award.
  • Only one nominee can receive this award, and it highlights the best company according to the DSA community.
Media partners
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How to participate
If you are well versed in DeFi security, contributory technologies, and tools, if you have a lot of experience in dealing with auditors and have a large social media following, you can become a Judge and help the DSA community choose the best companies from the list of our nominees.

If you want to participate in the Awards, but don’t know how — become our official media partner. Support the Awards as well as the nominees!

If you are interested, please fill out the following form.
We are now accepting requests for 2023.
Stay tuned, and we will contact you before the event.
Additional Information
The terms of participation
The crypto security awards are open to all companies and individuals, providing DeFi security services and products. Entries must be submitted before the deadline for the current year.
DSA has the right to disqualify any entries that do not meet the requirements without notice or refund.
Nominations can be submitted in both categories. All nominees are automatically eligible for becoming a recipient of the Community Choice Award.
Each submission is seen as separate.
Make sure that you select the correct category that best reflects your company’s achievements.

All submissions must be in English
We are accepting requests for 2023. The exact dates of the event will be revealed later. Leave your information and we will contact you. The request fee is $500.

Judges will be considering only the materials provided within the application form. This includes additional materials such as white paper, demo videos, brochures, etc.

The finalists are made up of
The highest-ranking nominees, according to our judges' reviews and scores, will become finalists. The number of finalists per category depends on the judge’s scores as well as the number of submissions received for the category in question.