DSA Audit Builder is an online platform where auditors can better manage their smart contract audit process

Smart contract audit service online

smart contract audit service
No more pain with
Create a branded smart contract audit PDF report faster
*Approx. time savings according to DSA AB users is 4 hrs per audit
Store audits in private library with advanced search capabilities
Track auditor team workload and KPIs
Access DSA knowledge base of 400+ smart contract issues to use in report
✖️ Google Docs / PDF editors
✖️ Broken links and references
✖️ Skewed codeblock formatting
✖️ Issues summary
✖️ Version history
Audit Builder challenge
Audit tool explained: solution for handling smart contract audits at scale
Auditors are often buried in low-value work, such as managing routine/manual audit compilation and formatting. Without a strong audit tool in place, this results in delayed deliveries, additional man-hours, and a higher chance of human errors. Smart contract audit builder is here to solve this issue.
There is also a big challenge of monitoring and reporting on auditors’ workload. With scaling, it becomes crucial to be able to quickly search across audit library with custom parameters, pull custom reports, track auditor KPIs and capacity.
Another problem, especially with smart contract audit services, is the lack of standardization. Improving on that matter is a key aspect of conducting well-structured and transparent audits. Users are more likely to order audits that present analysis in a clear and organized way.
  • Admin Panel
  • Create Audit Report
  • Generate PDF and publish in one click
  • Manage Audits in Private Library
  • Access DSA Knowledge Base
  • Manage Auditor Team Workload

DSA Audit Builder Pricing Plans

Prices are provided for the monthly subscription.

Custom design for audit reports is not included and is purchased separately.

1 user
  • 3 reports per month
  • DSA watermark
  • Custom Logo
  • Create / Edit / Export report
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1 user
  • Unlimited reports per month
  • No DSA watermark
  • Custom Logo
  • Create / Edit / Export report
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up to 5 users
  • Unlimited reports per month
  • No DSA watermark
  • Custom Logo
  • Create / Edit / Export report
  • DSA knowledge base of smart contract issues
  • Auditor Statistics
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Our Customers
Examples of client audits with custom design


Can I upload existing audit report into my Audit Builder library?
Yes, you can copy information from existing document when creating a new report.
Can I publish my audit from Audit Builder directly to GitHub?
Yes! Use GitHub integration tab to set up the connection.
Can I provide a link to an audit in my Audit Builder library to my client?
Yes, audits are hosted on our cloud platform and can be shared externally.
Can several users in my team collaborate on the same audit at the same time?
This is technically possible but not recommended, as it can lead to some edits not being saved.
How do we make sure the client data in Audit Builder is secure?
The Audit Builder traffic goes through Cloudflare with WAF (Web Application Firewall) enabled. The application runs in Kubernetes, wherein the Ingress controller ModSecurity is enabled. Containers run under a non-root user and network policies are applied everywhere. The Audit Builder project includes a cluster with multiple databases for the clients, each running on a virtual machine, without external access. Databases can be accessed only from the Audit Builder application. Each database is backed up and stored separately. All credentials are stored in the Vault. Access rights are allocated according to the role model.
Do you offer any discounts for Individual Auditors?
Yes, for those who offer smart contract audit service, we post contests and sales promos on our media, subscribe to https://twitter.com/DefiSecAlliance to get updates.
Can I get a free trial of Audit Builder?
Yes, you can access your smart contract audit online, they are hosted on our cloud platform and can be shared externally.
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